Face masks PLEASE NOTE: updated August 2020

Feedback from wearers:
Pleated masks (similar to disposable surgical masks)
Advantages - comfortable, breathable, removal filter pocket, washable, fit well under chin, can be made in fine or heavier cotton cotton/polyester fabric. Comfortable for wearing glasses and longer hours of wear. Best to have 2 - wash after wearing.
Disadvantages - more time consuming to make the folded pleats, pattern is better with a wire pocket to adjust fit around the nose area. Insertable filter easy to remove for washing.

Fitted masks
Advantages - comfortable, can use more layers of fabric, pattern link below has large, medium and small sizes. Uses ribbons as ties and helps adjust for fit. Easier, quicker to sew, option to insert for wire to adjust fit around nose, clear sewing instructions.
Disadvantages - less comfortable for some glasses wearers (can fog up lens), need to be adjusted for men with beards. Possibility of less air flow for elderly or those with respiratory problems. Ribbons may not be so easy for some people to fit mask, you could use elastic instead.
Removable filter - could be made using mask pattern, similar to a lining but inserted so it can be removed for washing.

3D anti-fog masks
Styles designed for glasses wearers and increased breathability

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