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This site was put together in the early stages of Novel Corona virus in Australia to provide a link to community initiatives associated with protection for elderly and vulnerable others.

Mask wearing has been the topic of much debate with some countries and cultures accustomed to mask wearing as a civic duty along with other public health and hygiene strategies. The wider use of masks has been impacted by supply issues therefore resuable masks are a less than ideal but environmentally friendly and simple alternative in the meantime. Links to patterns have been updated.

As knowledge of Corona virus develops, so does mask making tips,tricks, hacks and techniques. Wearers have tried, tested and sought feedback from others and our own use. A sense of solidarity from the community of world wide mask makers has been one way to stay connected to each other and contribute to community wellbeing.

Some mask makers have chosen to make masks for family members and loved ones, for particularly vulnerable community members such as the elderly, people living with disabilties, people with chronic illness and others living in large extended families and communities. Sewing masks can be a mindfulness activity, a meditation, a way of managing mild anxiety and a boost to one's sense of personal agency during times of chaos.


A limited edition of reusable pleated or fitted face masks are available for sale in the local Blue Mountains region. Masks are 3 layers - pleated masks have 2 layers of cotton with a removable washable polypropylene filter. Fitted masks are 3 layers of cotton and cotton/polyester with a non-woven sewn in filter.
Options: nose bridge, recommended for glasses wearers
Ties - ear loops or over the head ties. Please see image below for ways to tie masks.
Masks available in Small, Medium or Large sizes. Colours - pinspot grey, beige, white, blue, navy, black, red, retro orange print




Resources - patterns for reusable face masks with removable air filter pockets (in the absence of availability of N95 masks for general public use.
Two styles and links to patterns for adults, women and adolescents and children

Information - links to carefully chosen interviews about Novel Corona virus

Buy masks - limited edition of reusable fabric masks available to local Blue Mountains
people. Prices for 3 layer masks $12 to $17 plus postage and packing $4.50.
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National Coronavirus Helpline - 1800 020 080

IMPORTANT: If you have severe difficulty breathing, call triple zero (000) immediately and tell the call handler and the paramedics on arrival about your recent travel history and any close contact with a person with confirmed COVID-19

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